Tagetes Essential Oil (packaging 11lb)


CAT NO – ADI-EO-4132


11LB – (68.03/LB)=748.33

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Botanical Name : Tagetes Glandulifera

CAS# : 8016-84-0

Color & Odor : Golden color with Medium Strength, Slightly Fruity aroma

F.E.M.A. # : N/A

Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation

Constituents : tagetone, limonene

Solubility : Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils

Specific Gravity : 0.857 -0.895 @ 20°C

Flash Point :  135 °F

Optical Rotation : (+2.00) – (+9.00) @ 20°C

Major Constituents : tagetone, limonene


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St John’s Wort essential oil is prepared via the process of steam distillations of fresh flowers of the plant. The color of the liquid is blood red and holds a tempting aroma. The oil has noticeable health benefits and hence it is used in many medicines to treat severe disorders.

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