Davana Essential Oil (Packaging 11lb)


CAT NO – ADI-EO-4054


11LB – (212.24/LB)=2344.64

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Botanical Name:Artemisia pallens


Color & Odor:Dark green to reddish-brownish liquid

F.E.M.A. #:2359

Methods of Extraction:Steam Distillation


Solubility:Soluble in alcohol & insoluble in water

Specific Gravity:0.9406-0.9750

Flash Point:230 °F

Optical Rotation:+32° to +60°(25º C)

Major Constituents:linalool

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Variety: Davana Oil

Davana Oil supplied by us is 100% organic and concentrated in nature. Extracted via the steam distillation of leaves and stems, the obtained oil is pure and safe to use. Dilution is required with suitable carrier oil before applying it on to the skin.
The annual plant of Davana belongs to Asteraceae family that grows to a height of 18 inches. It is an aromatic herb and xerophytic in nature. This is native of Southern part of India including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The plant has small yellow flowers and leaves are bluish green in color.

A Brief Description of Davana Oil

The oil has aroma similar to sweet Herbaceous Pine. Obtained from the steam distillation of stem and leaves, the oil appears viscous in nature. The extracted oil is light brown to golden yellow in color.

Historical Uses

• Traditionally, the oils were used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicine and were also known for mood elevator and aphrodisiac property.
• This was considered to be a part of Indian folklore medicine to treat high blood pressure and Diabetes mellitus.
• In the middle of 20th century, this was used by perfumers and flavourist in Japan and the USA.
• It was considered to be an effective ingredient in Traditional Chinese &Unani Medicine.

Therapeutic benefits

• It is well-known to possess antiseptic, disinfectant, relaxant, anti-depressant, antiviral and expectorant properties.
• The oil is known to heal wound faster and quicker.
• It also helps in providing relief from cough and cold.

Blends well with

Davana essential oil goes well with Bergamot, Tangerine, Vallina CO2, Jasmine Absolute, Mandarin, Neroli, Carteri, Orange Sweet ,Patchouli and Ylang ylang.
General Precautionary Measures!
• Avoid its usage for eyes, mucous membranes and sensitive areas.
• Nursing mother and pregnant ladies should use this oil only after their health care provider’s recommendation.
• Do not forget to dilute this oil with suitable carrier oil before using it for the topical purposes.

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