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Botanical Name:Coffea arabica


Color & Odor:Thick dark brown liquid & Roasted pleasant

F.E.M.A. #:

Methods of Extraction:Cold Pressed

Constituents:caffeine, trigonelline

Solubility:Insoluble in water

Specific Gravity:0.931.04400-25.00

Flash Point:220 °F

Optical Rotation:0 to +10 degrees

Major Constituents:caffeine, trigonelline

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Variety: Coffee Oil
Coffee oil is extracted from beans of the coffee plants using the cold pressed method. It is 100% organic and safe to use.
Coffee plants were the native of South & Central America that grew to a height of 30 feet. The ideal height for growing and cultivating coffee plants is 15 feet. Seeds of the plants are used in the production of oil that is commonly known as coffee oil.
A Brief History of Coffee Oil
Coffee oil is produced from its bean via the cold pressed method. The aromatic oil thus, obtained is dark in color and has warm aroma that resembles today’s brewed coffee. The major ingredients of the plants are Caffeine Cafestol & Kahweol Diterpenes.
Historical Information
• Historically, coffee plants were grown in Ethiopian plateau forests.
• The cultivation of coffee began in Arabian Penisula.
• During 15th century, the plants started growing in the Arabia’s Yemeni district and in 16th century, it spread to Syria, Persia, Turkey and Egypt.
Therapeutic benefits
• It has got amazing therapeutic benefits. Coffee Oil is used to reduce damage due to free radical, fever, and lost appetite.
• It aids in respiratory health, improves mood, reduces nausea and soothes allergic reactions.
• Coffee oil has widely been used to prevent premature aging. Also, the oil helps in providing calmness and relaxation to body and the mind.

Blend well with
Coffee oii goes well with Rose Absolut, Sandalwood , Neroli , Cedarwood, Juniper Berry, Petitgrain and Bergamot.
General Precautionary Measures!
• Do not use this oil for internal purposes.
• Pregnant lady, lactating mother and children should not use this oil.
• Avoid its usage in case you are sensitive to coffee.
• Store the bottle away from the reach of kids and pets.

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