About Adi Chemtech

ADI ChemTech founded in 2013. Formation of Essential oil division aiming to bring people closer to nature. The company was started to provide oils that bring calm in the chaotic lives of the people. To be touched and healed by nature was the vision of starting this company. ADI ChemTech, Essential oil division believes in authenticity and simplicity. To not go overboard and still function with peace is the principle ADI ChemTech runs by.
Our sight is to interact with our clients’ needs and deliver what works best for them. To be able to connect to our consumers with the freshness, purity, and the feeling of retreatment is what drives the company. Our passion for goodness drives excellence in us. To provide space for our consumers to test out our products and automatically build a relation of reliance and trust is our key to being a brand from just a startup.
A Marietta, GA, USA based company proudly brags the supply and production of golden rare and exceptional essential oils. Not only in producing, but we also excel in standing up with our services and taking full responsibility for the brand. We believe in providing quality without burning our client’s pockets. Reasonable rates with standard products and packaging are our hallmarks of success. We aim at delivering the purest form of oils that enhance the well being of the user. We are transparent glass to our consumers and provide a clear description of our products to avoid unintentional misguidance. To be truthful and plain and receive the kind of customer base that is no less than a family feeling here at ADI ChemTech. More than a business, we are a community of people enjoying nature at it’s purest form – essential oils.


Johnson square office park
1513 Johnson ferry road
Suite T12, Marietta, 30062


Friday: 10-4pm




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